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As the dynamic of the world continues to change and the new “normal” becomes working from home, it can be difficult to fill your time. Especially if you are not working as many hours as you are used to. What can you do to pass the time while still being productive? Well, thousands of people have begun taking online courses through sites such as Coursera and Udemy. With the future of learning going virtual, now is the best time to learn a new skill or take a course you’ve always been interested in.

Is there a skill that you’ve always wanted to learn? Or perhaps you are looking to update your resume with some new areas of expertise. Whatever hobby or new skill you are looking to take up, chances are you can find it on the internet. With so many schools and courses moving to the virtual world because of the pandemic, it is almost guaranteed that you can find something that interests you and that you can study online for cheap, or even free! What are you waiting for? Begin your path to a new hobby, skill set, or even a new career today!

So, what courses can you find online? What are the best online institutions and what sort of degrees or certifications can you earn? How much do these courses cost? What can you do with them after you have finished? There are many questions to be answered before simply signing up for an online course that may or may not be worth your time. Continue reading to have all of your questions regarding online courses and certification programs explained.

What courses can be found online?

For several years, online courses have been popping up all over the internet. Of course, with time, they have gotten much better and have expanded to incorporate all types of subjects from photoshop to nutrition, and even SEO. The world of online learning has expanded far beyond what it has ever been and will continue to expand to fit this new “normal”.  So, is there something for you? Well, the odds are definitely in your favor. Some online courses that can be found on Coursera and Udemy (as well as other online learning platforms such as Skillshare, Similar, and Khan Academy) include:

  • Fitness Training Courses: Learn how to be a fitness instructor in things such as yoga, pilates, or even a personal trainer. Udemy is offering special pricing on many of their fitness courses right now.
  • Business Courses: Coursera alone offers over 1,000 business courses ranging from a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree to short courses in negotiations or data visualization.
  • Web Development Courses: Both Udemy and Coursera, as well as Skillshare and other online platforms offer web development and computer science courses. You can go from knowing nothing about building websites to creating professional looking sites in a matter of months.
  • SEO Tactics and Strategies: Blogs and SEO have become rather popular over the last few years, so learning how to capitalize on that and make your writing stand out from the rest is a great way to continue forward.
  • Health Courses: From nutrition to meditation, from psychology to COVID-19 Contact Tracing, there are hundreds of health courses offered online. Whether you want to become healthier yourself or teach others to be healthy, you can learn it all online. There are even hypnotherapy courses offered online.
  • Personal Development Courses: Including things such as productivity, personal finance, leadership, and more, there are several personal development courses out there for you.
  • Languages: Many people are looking forward to being able to travel again, and what better time than to start practicing a new language that will be useful in your travels? You can become proficient in several different languages online with some of the amazing courses offered.
  • Numerous Other Courses: These are simply a few of the thousands of courses you can find online. By doing a quick Google Search or creating a profile on Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, Khan Academy, or any of the other online course platforms, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

How much do the courses cost?

This question cannot be answered simply. There are so many different types of courses offered on a variety of platforms. Some will result in a degree, others in a certification of completion, and some with simply the knowledge that you gain. So, that being said, these courses have a wide range of prices. There are, however, many courses that you can find for free online.

Of course, not all courses will be free. On Coursera, there are still over 1,000 courses that are free, however these will not result in a certification. You can audit the courses for free but will not receive a certificate at the end. You will have to pay if you want to receive a certification. There are monthly subscriptions offered which include certain certification courses and range between $39-$79 per month. If you are looking to receive a degree, that will cost more. Some Bachelor’s degrees can be obtained for as little as $330 per credit hour, which is much less than you would find at a university.

Udemy is set up a bit differently. While most of Coursera’s courses are taught through a university setting, Udemy can be taught by anyone with expertise in a certain area. (Yes, that’s right, you could teach on Udemy!) Udemy courses vary in price as the instructor can set their own price. They often have special deals and you can get a course for as low as around $15. Of course, other courses cost up to around $199. It all depends on the course and the type of certification you will receive at the end.

Which platform is best to use?

Again, this question depends a lot on you. The choice between platforms can be an easy one if you know what you want. However, there are certain things to take into consideration. Let’s take a look at some factors that will play into which online platform is best for your learning needs.

  • What type of certification do you want? This is an important question to ask yourself. If you are looking for a university-level degree or course, then Coursera may be best for you. However, if you are looking for a less formal certification, then Udemy might be your best bet as it might be a bit cheaper. If you are looking to simply build a new skill, there are plenty of free courses that you can take on platforms such as Alison Courses and certain classes on Code Academy, or you can try a free 2-month trial with Skillshare.
  • What skill are you looking to learn or improve? This is another important question to ask yourself when looking into different online learning platforms. If you have a specific skill in mind, then you may already know which platform is best. However, by doing a quick search of Mooc Market, you are able to find plenty of online learning platforms that are sure to offer what you need and want. There are plenty of options so you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • How much do you want to spend? While online learning may be cheaper than learning in a classroom or at a university, there are several different types of classes and courses that will vary in price. If you have a budget in mind, then you will want to shop around for the best deal for you.

Is online learning worth it?

With the majority of people left with extra time on their hands due to working from home or being furloughed, or perhaps even laid off because of COVID-19, increasing your skill set can be a productive way to keep yourself busy. Yes, Netflix is a nice way to pass the time, but is it making you a better person? Are you learning much from it?

Bettering yourself and learning new things is always a good idea. And with literally thousands of courses right at your fingertips, what better time to start? Is there something that you’ve always wanted to learn or perfect, but have never had the time? Well, now you do! Don’t put it off any longer. Increase your skill set and do something you enjoy with online learning.

If you are interested in finding a course or courses to better yourself, or are just looking for a new hobby, then check out Mooc Market. There you will find a number of online learning platforms which include thousands of courses that you can complete from the comfort of your own home. Why wait any longer? Check out the amazing courses that you have been missing out on today and begin a new journey. You will have something to fill your time, as well as increasing your skill set. Check it out today!